Cafísu – Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2019-2020 Cold Pressed Made in Italy

Cafísu – Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2019-2020 Cold Pressed Made in Italy


Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Type: mono-cultivar – Pidicuddara

Pressing: cold-pressed, two-phase oil mil, non-filtered

The EVO Oil Cafísu takes its name from the ancient unit of measurement used in Sicily a long time ago. At that time every family could receive one ‘Cafísu’ of olive oil -about 16 liters- to use in one year. This recalls the scarcity and the value of the oil. ‘Cafísu’ is obtained from the autochthonous and rare Pidicuddara olive variety. The characteristic of the olive is to be tiny, small volume and firmly tied to the branch. It does not come off easily and, because of that, the harvest is very slow and requires very careful attention.
The aroma is pleasantly spicy and bitter, with a rich and strong flavor, moderately persistent.

To pair with: put on the warm bread permits to taste this oil at the best; it is suitable for seasoning soups and legume soups, vegetables, salads, and meat dishes.

Note: This EVO Oil is non-filtered but it is decanted in a stainless steel container for about a month. Any residue that may form at the bottom of the package does not compromise the quality of the product as they contain antioxidants (polyphenols, beneficial substances for health, and also for the conservation of the oil itself).

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