Àmmini – Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2019-2020 Cold Pressed Made in Italy

Àmmini – Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2019-2020 Cold Pressed Made in Italy


Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Type: mono-cultivar – Giarraffa

Pressing: cold-pressed, two-phase oil mil, non-filtered

Memories of our childhood recall us a very special moment when our mother and our grandmother used to cook for us a pasta-soup dish. Always they used to add this Giarraffa oil. Every time they fed us, they used to say the word “Àmmini” and we did not understand why. Later in the years, we conducted researchs about that world and we discovered that “Àmmini” is a very ancient Sicilian word, but has an Arabian origin. “Àmmini” word is connected to the idea of love and care for your loved ones, and it is going to mean “I’m here and I’m taking care of you”. That is the reason why we named this EVO Oil after our memories because it recalls these moments.
The origins of the Giarraffa cultivar date back to the ancient Elimi population who introduced this variety of olive trees to the Greeks of Segesta and Selinunte. Àmmini EVO Oil is obtained from this very rare and valuable cultivar. It is slightly fruity, with an almond, artichoke, tomato leaf scent. The taste is sweet, with a slight presence of spicy and bitter in the aftertaste.

To pair with: it is suited to drizzling on foods or dressing, on seafood dishes, and to flavor bread, pizzas, focaccias… and pasta-soup.

Note: This EVO Oil is non-filtered but it is decanted in a stainless steel container for about a month. Any residue that may form at the bottom of the package does not compromise the quality of the product as they contain antioxidants (polyphenols, beneficial substances for health, and also for the conservation of the oil itself).


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