Who we are

Who we are

Our History

Passion, tradition, family

Le Sette Aje is a story of passion, family and tradition that spans one hundred years and takes place in sunny Sicily, along the Belìce river.

An ancient story in the heart and recent in fact.

Back in 1916 our great grandfather Leonardo bought the first lands from a wealthy landowner best known as “Canaddunaschi” (literally, “dog with two nostrils” to refer to a person with a particular flair for business).

Since then, we have had three generations of passionate farmers and wine and oil artisans with our grandfather Giovanni and our father Leonardo.

The fourth generation made the passion evolve into a more concrete shape: Rosalia, Cristina, Agata and Gabriella decide to found Le Sette Aje company, managing the business with the harmony that only a family company ensures.



Agata Cannata, Vendemmia 2020

L e S e t t e A j e - A g r o - H o m e o p a t h y p r o t o c o l -

Our wine selection

Cold pressing

It permits to preserve organoleptic characteristics

Unique varieties

Rediscovering ancient flavors of the tradition and the culture requires a careful research of unique, ancient and almost extinct varieties


In order to maintain the right quantity of antioxidant (polyphenols), beneficial substances for a good health and for the preservation of the quality of the oil

To taste with

Find out which product is the best for your meals


This is our love for Olive Oil

Our special climate lands count more than 800 olive trees, both old and young plants typical from the Valle del Belìce area. The best known are Nocellara del Belìce and Biancolilla. We also nurture very ancient and autochthonous varieties of olive trees, mostly extinct, such as Giarraffa, Cerasuola, Piddiccuddara, and Murtiddara

The deep care of the flavor, the scent and the organoleptic characteristics of the olive oil is paramount for us. We act in order to make the best olive oil from the best raw material. In this way we assure the best quality for our products: an unique tasting experience that underlines properly their characteristics.


We practice agro-homeopathy

Le Sette Aje products could be defined as biodynamic products. 

We cultivate our plants with natural and innovative methods, respecting the environment. Our philosophy of cultivation focuses on preserving the naturality and the naturalness of the plant, in order to reach the higher level of genuineness of the product, concerning quality and goodness.

We are one of the very few companies in Italy and in Europe to adopt agro-homeopathy as an agricultural method, fostering the idea of sustainable farming that does not negatively affect the environment. 

Agro-homeopathy helps us to preserve the plant’s natural resistance by minimizing the need for a human intervention, and the nutraceutic properties of its products. 

This way, our products express the best genuineness of the plant. That’s why we define them as natural products.

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